The Shellfish Pig: We’re in (with) The Navy!

This Summer we served more food in one sunny evening than we ever have in one sitting before. We were delighted to get invited to serve our food at The HMS Drake Summer Ball at Devonport base in Plymouth. We served 500 delicious mini Scallops (probably could have served 1000 if we had them they were so popular!), 500 mini Primrose Herd pork cheek flatbreads and 500 Spicy Crab Tacos (a few of which are pictured above!).

It was wonderful evening and required “military” planning on our part to ensure we were able to keep the queues down, whilst ensuring every dish we sent was up to our usual high standard. Thanks to our wonderful team we did a great job and pretty much served constantly from 6.30pm to 1am when we finally gave out the last Crab Taco!

The crew and their partners from HMS Drake were so lovely and complimentary about our food and efficient service, and the event was wonderfully organised in a beautiful location. As you may have guessed by now, we crossed our fingers for an invite back in 2019! It was an experiment on their part to see if a less formal ball set outside in marquees and sunshine would work.

Clearly it did as we have just been invited back in July 2019 for round two, and yes, they’ve ordered 800 Scallipops this time along with a range of other dishes.

We are proud and delighted to serve our food to these people and contribute to a well earned fun evening on dry land!