The Shellfish Pig: Street Eats, Beats & Beer at The Rebel Brewery

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to visit some amazing streetfood markets like Markt Halle Neun in Berlin, Street Feast in London, Digbeth Dining Club in Birmingham and Van Van Market in Barcelona. These inspiring streetfood gatherings all have a couple of things in common:

  • They are held regularly; daily, weekly, monthly. The locations sometimes change, the traders often change but the event itself happens regularly and people in the city begin to factor it into their day/night, or even make a visit their night out.
  • The model of each streetfood market is pretty simple. Great vendors that showcase local produce as much as possible, serve lovely food and give good service, lots of seating, good music, great beer and a quirky/under utilised venue!

The rest is down to the people that visit the market, they help to create the ambiance and a vibrant atmosphere. These places are not festivals but they are great places to go and enjoy time with friends and family, eat great food, try some local beers, maybe even meet some new friends!

Another plus from a streetfood traders point of view on these sort of markets is that they are usually set up and managed by streetfood traders. With pitch fees at festivals becoming unsustainable for traders who want to serve the best quality food, these streetfood markets are set up to offer fair pitch fees to traders.

With all that in mind we are delighted to announce “Street Eats, Beats & Beer, Volume 1” at The Rebel Brewery on Saturday 8th April, 11am – 6pm. We really hope you can come along and help us make this first event a success so we can build on it with the aim of establishing a “proper” regular streetfood market for this part of Cornwall!

We’ve got 6 great vendors for this first event plus Rebel providing the all important beer from their bar! Please follow this link to our Facebook event page and share it as much as possible to help us spread the word! Also, please mark yourself as “Going” if you intend to come along on the day as each week we will be introducing a vendor and picking someone who is “Going” at random to win free food or drink on the day from that vendor!