The Shellfish Pig, Still 5* (Hygiene Rated!)

At the end of September we were paid a visit by a lovely guy from Cornwall Council’s Environmental Health Team. When we set the business up (over 2.5 years ago now, wow!) we were delighted to receive a 5* Rating for our van and our prep kitchen. Two and a half years later, at the end of a BUSY Summer we were keen to see how our cleaning, storing and preparing of food would be judged!

We didn’t need to worry, we were delighted to be awarded another 5* Rating and glowing report so you, our wonderful customers; can be sure we are doing all we can to source, prepare and serve your food in the best and safest way we can, all the time!

You can now see our new sticker on the window of our van next to the serving hatch, proudly displayed!

You can see our score, and check out the scores of your other favourite eateries on the official “Scores on The Doors” website by clicking this link!