Bango Kitchen Organic Gin!

Bango Kitchen Organic Gin is now available to buy by the bottle or by the glass at Bango!

We are delighted to bring a project we’ve been working on for several months to fruition! The incredible Black and Gold Distillery approached us last year to see if we would be interested in working with them to produce our very own, unique and 100% Organic Gin. Needless to say we’ve enjoyed the whole process from tasting, learning about distilling, to tasting, designing our bottles, tasting and the sourcing of our key ingredients such as Yuzu. Did we mention tasting?

Anyway, we are super proud of our gin and you can buy a bottle by visiting Bango or via our app/online ordering platform or you can come to Bango Kitchen and have a Bango Gin & Tonic at your leisure!